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Discover the irresistible allure of lab grown diamonds. 

The name DESTELO is derived from the Spanish word Destello meaning Twinkle, Sparkle or Shimmer. We believe that everybody should shine as bright as they desire and that is our commitment to our customers. Bigger diamonds, brighter sparkle and at a better price, always. We exclusively use lab grown diamonds to create exceptional engagement rings, luxury and everyday jewellery. Magnifying the excitement of life’s defining moments, each piece from our collection tells a unique story about the person who wears it.

Crafted with low carbon footprint and traceable origins, lab grown diamonds remove the need to mine our precious earth for diamonds. The means by which our lab grown diamonds are created also helps us trace the human labour incurred, ensuring the working environment is ethical, sustainable and safe for workers.

By design, growing, cutting and polishing of lab grown diamonds cost on average 40% less than a comparable mined diamond. This allows DESTELO provide exceptional designs and quality to our customers with a guaranteed saving on price and carbon emissions.

As you may have guessed, we love our earth and want to do our part by offering our customers a greener alternative to mined diamonds. As part of our sustainable business model, each piece is made to order and delivered within 15 days. You can rest assured that your special piece has not been mass produced and will be unique to your requirements.

A bigger sparkle for your desired budget. Ireland's first online only retailer of Lab Grown Diamonds. Shop Irish with confidence.

If you would like any more information please email hello@destelo.com